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The Unicorn Inside: Unleashing Your Inner Self

No tattoos. No piercings. No funky hair colors. Dress professionally. Don’t be too funny. Don’t be too likable. Don’t stick out too much. Try to blend in. Wear a sweater and cover up even more than everyone else because you are soooooooo distracting. Stop making eye contact…yes, these things have been said to me by teachers/bosses. It doesn’t feel too good especially when you love what you do, and you are always giving it your best. But when you’re in an unhealthy environment, those that shine bright get their lights dimmed by the surrounding energy drainers. I’ve learned to keep my light bright and I wanted to share with my fellow rebels, unicorns and lightworkers how…. 1. Those that CARE,

Sit and Be Fit

Chair fitness has always been a passion of mine to teach. I do not label it senior fitness either, because no matter what age you are, things happen in life that may affect your ability to stand, so, we must sit or even lay down…However, this doesn’t mean that we stop moving. As most of you know, I was on bed rest many months of my life that could equate to years if I add it all up. Hospitalized more times before the age of 20 then some of my 90-year-old clients have been in their lifetime. But for many of you, like myself, who have had a decline in their function or just a circumstance such as knee surgery or pregnancy that impacts your ability to workout as you did previously, adjusting yo

Smoke and Stretch…yes, you read that correctly

I absolutely did just say smoke and stretch, but you can always Vape and Vinyasa as well. What was once such a stigma, now is medically recommended by physicians everywhere to treat pain, seizures, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, Parkinson’s, MS and more. With each new moon, it brings increased awareness and acceptance on cannabis usage. But, this is nothing new. The Yoga Sutra says it’s a source of siddis or psychic powers. Sadhus, a holy man in India, are respected for their knowledge of marijuana (MJ), yoga and meditation. Whether its ingested, smoked, vaped and even nowadays they have suppositories, powders and more, you can use these mood shifting effects, pain relieving modalit


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