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Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Active…But how?

First off, I wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy stay-cation. We are all restricted by these social distancing laws but that doesn’t mean we have to feel restricted. Stay Home-Stay Healthy-Stay Active…But how? It’s all about perspective. You could be on a stay-cation or you could be stuck at home. Just the sound of it makes all the difference. Your perspective builds your world so if you have a negative outlook, you will find all the obstacles and challenges during this time so find your positivity and see the opportunities. Recently my husband and I decided to tackle the home improvement projects we have pushed off since becoming home-owners. Helping my children with their online sc

Fix Your Shoulder Pain Now

Why is the shoulder so important? Unless you have never dealt with a shoulder injury before, then you probably already know what I’m talking about. But what you probably do not realize is how much you rely on your shoulder for activities of daily living. Having weakness, a reduced range of motion or persistent pain can make even the most seemingly easy task difficult and full of pain. Having a healthy and strong shoulder automatically increases one’s independence and overall ability to function. Try a couple of things: Pretend to wash your hair, tuck your shirt in, reach your hands into your back pocket, reach for a glass in the cabinet, okay you get the point. The shoulder has to flex, ext

What’s Your Mantra? “I am…”x 108

What’s your mantra? You are always your own best friend. Anyone who knows me or watches my YouTube channels knows I rarely get my hair or nails done ;-) But when I do, I always notice people study themselves in the mirror to find imperfections before they leave. “Mistakes” to be fixed. Hey, don’t get me wrong, you paid for a service and want it to be just right but what about the good stuff? This is an analogy to everyday life when we look in the mirror every morning or get dressed for work. Always checking in the mirror to make ourselves feel and look our best. Nothing wrong with that. BUT, what are you telling yourself in your mind? Are you saying: “Ugh, you look fat.” “What are you thinki


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