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New & Full Moon Meditations

“Moon meditation” is very well known and is also very connected to spiritual practices. The full moon as well as the new moon are thought to have an effect on the body and mind to some extent. But practicing pranayama, yoga and meditation can help center ourselves during these swings of emotion to stabilize our energy in the direction that serves us best.

What to bring: pillows & blankets for comfort. A water bottle for hydration- we got your refills!

What to expect: This is a yoga practice with little to no movement. Just come and get in your most comfortable position (this is what the pillows and blankets are for.) Lay back and let me be your guide.

*essential oils and light touch energy work may be included based on attendance, allergies, and comfort. 

Located at The ExerScience Center.

Private Group Workshop

Minimum of four people per group.  

Want to have your own private "group fitness" class at your home or community?  Great for parties and team building. 


The Group Exercise Program offers a wide variety of fitness options.  Various formats offered include but are not limited to: resistance training, mind/body, cardiovascular endurance, family fitness boot camp, prenatal yoga, chair yoga, restorative yoga, power yoga, relaxing spa day, bio-hacking, girls day, and booty boot camp.


If you would like recurring classes in your community, please email for a quote.

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