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Improve, Recover, Restore, Reverse

NEUBIE is NeuFit’s patented electrical stimulation device. It is an acronym for “NEURO-BIO-ELECTRIC STIMULATOR,” and is FDA-cleared. The Neubie has unique effects on the body's tissues to promote healing, and it has unique effects on the nervous system that allows therapists to provide a meaningful dose of neuromuscular re-education.


We believe that the most powerful and transformative way to help people recover from the pain and injury & optimize performance is to focus on the nervous system.


We work with athletes who are looking to recover faster from injury or surgery, neurological patients looking to restore lost function, and busy people who want a more efficient, effective, and sustainable approach to fitness.













Health Benefits *


Neuromuscular Reeducation

Enhance Strength Training

Speed up recovery from surgeries

Reduce daily aches and pains

Improve Athletic Performance

Injury Rehabilitation

Full Body Master Resets

Accelerate Healing, Repair, and Regeneration

Pain Relief from Paralysis

Reverse the Signs of Aging

Increased Circulation

Promote Collagen and Elastin Production


Pay as you go & Memberships are available.  To find out more or book an appointment, please call 813.803.7070

*not limited to

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