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Oooooooo how I enjoyed making this beauty. They are so hard to give away...and even though I receive money in exchange, it’s an energy exchange. I put some awesome energy into these- like I get sooo attached during the process stringing each beach with such love. I hope whoever gets this one truly enjoys it!

💜🏳️‍🌈Amythst Power Chakra Mala: $108

⚪️108 beads for setting your intention:
🔴red=dragons blood,
🟠🟡🔵🟢orange-yellow-blue-green=cats eye blown glass,
⚫️💧four lava rocks to diffuse your favorite essential oils,
2️⃣🙏🏼two Tibetan silver Buddha’s
🟪to top it off an amythst pendulum! ðŸ¥°ðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œ

Amythst Power Chakra Mala

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