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Throat Chakra (Blue Color)

It has another popular term known as Vishuddhi Chakra which may refer to true voice. The throat chakra is blue and crucial in the body and associated with the human being’s ability to listen attentively and also to communicate with other people. There are numerous glands attached to this chakra which include the jaws, teeth, throat, ears, neck vertebrae and other mouth glands.

When there is a right balance of the throat chakra, we can express our feelings efficiently through communication, using a pleasant voice. It improves the artistic and spiritual abilities in our bodies. Therefore, that is the reason we meditate when we are alone efficiently.


Enlighten (purple glass) 

The Crown Chakra (Violet Color)

The Sanskrit word of Crown Chakra is the Sahasrara Chakra found at the crown of the head. It enlightens the spiritual connections of one individual to the others, and also to the supreme beings. The nervous system, the pituitary gland, and the brain glands are some of the vital glands connected with the crown chakra.
When there is a good balance of the crown chakra in the body, an individual can have great capabilities like performing miracles, knowing the right and the wrong, interpretation of hidden things and doing many other extraordinary activities.


Also available in a combination of the two colors.  All hand-made.  


Glass Blown Beads Set of 3

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