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Orange Cat Eye, glass beads, blessed name rage in Tibetan Silver with Laca rock for essential oil diffusion. 7 inches


Orange Cat Eye: the color represents confidence, joy, and enthusiasm. A color that is sociable, creative and fun, orange is self-assured, cheerful and independent.

More on orange: When this Chakra is blocked we experience: Guilt, stiff lower back, restlessness, confusion and lack of sexual desire or pleasure.

ORANGE Physical Effects - sexuality, genital area, reproductive organs, pulse rate, gall bladder, bowel and lower intestine, food allergies, eating disorders. It aids rheumatism, arthritis, and exhaustion.

Orange is good for the pulse rate and the gall bladder. It relieves bladder and kidney problems, food allergies and eating disorders.

ORANGE Spiritually Effects - Creativity, emotional balance, sexuality, harmony, passion, freedom, intuition, and expression of emotions.


Always homemade with love per order.  

Orange Cat Eye with Lava Rock Bracelet

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