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The Harvest Supermoon Slumber

Under the ethereal glow of the harvest supermoon, a girl sat by the crackling fire, eyes fixed on the celestial ballet above. With every passing moment, the moon swelled, its brilliance almost tangible. It seemed as though the moon was a butterfly, and if she stilled herself enough, it might alight in her lap.

Hours slipped away, wrapped in the hush of night, but the moon remained aloof, suspended in the vast expanse. She waited with bated breath, a quiet hope that it would descend into her outstretched hands. Yet, as the night waned, the sun emerged on the horizon, painting the sky with hues of gold and rose.

The warmth of the sun kissed her skin, awakening her from her reverie. In that moment, an epiphany bloomed within her. She realized that the moon hadn't simply landed in her lap, but she had become the moon itself. She was the luminescent glow that danced through the night, casting its enchanting light upon the world.

With the rising sun, she embraced the duality of her existence. She was the moon, serene and mystical, and the sun, vibrant and life-giving. In that transcendent moment, she understood that the universe resided within her, a tapestry woven with threads of celestial wonder and earthly warmth. She carried the essence of both night and day, an embodiment of the cosmic dance that unfolded above, and the eternal fire that burned within.

"To Marlene on The Moon,
From your daughter, Lauren Leiva.
In the dance of the full moon, your spirit resides within me, an eternal presence woven into the fabric of my being. You are the moon, serene and luminous, casting your light upon my path. I am the vessel that carries your essence, and together, we share an unbreakable bond.
Today is a day shadowed with bittersweetness, for it marks the last Supermoon of the year. It was on the last super full moon of the century that you left this earthly realm, a memory etched in the stars. The beauty of this celestial event is a reminder of your light, a beacon that guides me through both joy and sorrow.
With each passing day, I am reminded that you are not merely a memory, but a living force that pulses within my heart. Your wisdom guides me, your love sustains me, and your strength empowers me. We are intertwined, inseparable, two souls entwined in the cosmos.
In the silence of the night and the brilliance of the day, I feel your presence, a comforting embrace that transcends time and space. You are the moon, and I am the reflection of your light, a testament to the enduring power of a mother's love.
With all my love,
Lauren Leiva"

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30 thg 9, 2023

This is absolutely beautiful! Soul opening! ❤️ a mother's love is eternal, sis. We know this. AHO SISTER. Starseeds 💫 It all LOVE

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