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The Unicorn Inside: Unleashing Your Inner Self

Be a unicorn, a fighter, and create self love, Dr. Lauren Leiva

No tattoos. No piercings. No funky hair colors. Dress professionally. Don’t be too funny. Don’t be too likable. Don’t stick out too much. Try to blend in. Wear a sweater and cover up even more than everyone else because you are soooooooo distracting. Stop making eye contact…yes, these things have been said to me by teachers/bosses. It doesn’t feel too good especially when you love what you do, and you are always giving it your best. But when you’re

in an unhealthy environment, those that shine bright get their lights dimmed by the surrounding energy drainers. I’ve learned to keep my light bright and I wanted to share with my fellow rebels, unicorns and lightworkers how….

1. Those that CARE, DON’T MATTER…Those that DON’T CARE, MATTER:

Just like it says, those that constantly judge you do not matter. Those who accept you in any form whether emotionally happy, sad, emotionally labile, confident as Miss America, whatever! These people that accept you, for you, matter. Be true and stay you.

2. Stay True to yourself:

Don’t change to fit everyone’s mold. All things in this life are temporary just like your environment. You do not have to be a chameleon to fit in. Imagine finding the environment that you can be free and just be yourself. (I’m not saying don’t follow dress code or specific code of conduct, but be true to your spirit whether goofy, funny, serious, etc. That’s you.) Live free and be you!

3. Stop wasting energy on neutralizing your environment:

Tolerating shitake sauce (bullshit) whether you’re at home, school or work can build up over a prolonged period of time. Thinking you can ignore it will actually affect you twice as a bad. It’s impossible to ignore something without acknowledging it in the first place. How can you? You have to notice it to ignore it. But imagine if you could use that neutralizing energy to make a change in the world. Imagine what you can do without wasting half or more of your energy on someone else. Align with your inner power. What is your purpose?

4. Scan your body + Breath:

Bring the awareness back inward. Go back to your meditation practice. Scanning your body helps you drawback in your sense after someone

has possibly hurt your feelings. Try not to ignore it but rather not let it even bother you. Rather than ignoring the pink elephant as it becomes more and more vivid, just scan the body from the crown of the head downward. Notice any tension or relaxation in your body as well as a specific emotional state in your mind. Now that you have scanned your body, bring your focus to the breath as you continue your scan. Follow it throughout

your entire being.

5. Love Yourself:

The purpose of this whole post is to stay true to yourself. It is not that difficult. You just need to work on self-love. Read books, find like-minded friends and events that speak to your soul and when you close your eyes it brightens your light from the inside out. If you love yourself NO ONE can MAKE OR BREAK, you. No one. It feels good to be yourself. I have found the scary part is worrying if you will lose someone or an opportunity because you refuse to alter who you are. But guess what, there is a bigger purpose G*d has for you and those internal feelings are what guides you to your greatest self. The people around you do not need to understand your journey, it’s not theirs…it’s yours. Enjoy your journey to BLISS.

Dr. Lauren Leiva Graduation

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