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Sit and Be Fit

Chair fitness has always been a passion of mine to teach. I do not label it senior fitness either, because no matter what age you are, things happen in life that may affect your ability to stand, so, we must sit or even lay down…However, this doesn’t mean that we stop moving.

As most of you know, I was on bed rest many months of my life that could equate to years if I add it all up. Hospitalized more times before the age of 20 then some of my 90-year-old clients have been in their lifetime. But for many of you, like myself, who have had a decline in their function or just a circumstance such as knee surgery or pregnancy that impacts your ability to

workout as you did previously, adjusting your routine is a necessary thing. If you do not move it, you can lose it. It’s a fact. Staying in the moment will encourage and motivate you while sitting, standing or laying down while doing deep breathing. There is a challenge for everyone - mind, body, and soul. If you have brain function, that’s all you need…the rest will follow with a

mind/matter mindset. You begin to accept yourself at any stage while becoming the best version every single day.

A common thing I hear when working with seniors is that they always discuss what they CAN’T do anymore. One day a lady was telling me her tolerance for standing was severely reduced and doing chores around her home was difficult. My patient went on to say how every day her friends talk about ANOTHER THING THEY CAN NO LONGER DO. I definitely have empathy for losing your function and independence. At certain points in my life, I have had to rely on people putting all my needs within arm’s reach or my day was miserable. It’s hard to stay positive when you realize your ability to do things is reduced. This is where my mother’s influence has dramatically influenced my philosophy on mind/matter. She too had a history of health conditions limiting her function: cancer, stroke, double knee surgery, double hip surgery,

double shoulder surgery!!! She was turning into a bionic woman god rest her soul. But no matter what she always smiled. She would send me pictures of sunsets and sunrises as she would talk about her blessings. She was so blessed with the ability to see. She would list things every morning and no matter how much crazy pain she was in she always uplifted others and did the best she could daily.

My Mama sitting up straight and smiling after a quick session.

Keep Smiling!

So, I challenged my patient and asked her to do the same by starting the conversation with her neighbors over coffee with a positive instead of a negative. What do they still enjoy doing and if one of her friends says they can no longer do something anymore such as get up and down from a seat without an armrest or assistance, well…now you have a new homework assignment.

Support each other and find a chair fitness class. I have brought people in their 90s from not being able to get out of bed relying on nurses for bathroom privileges to squatting 17 times in a row!!! It is possible. Let me show you the way. Here is a sample video in one of my Chair Fitness classes. It is not professionally done but I wanted to share with the world, there are options.

If you do not move it, you will lose it…Don’t Give Up! Get moving today with The ExerScience Center.

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